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January 21, 2010

I decided to take the time today to talk about BG’s and how they’ve progressed in WoW.

In Vanilla WoW, BG’s were THE big form of PvP in the world, as Alterac Valley battles could take days to complete. They got toned down a bit in Burning Crusade to cater more to the people who want their marks and then get out. But in Wrath of the Lich King, battlegrounds were shortened to such an extent that you would literally go in, pitter around for about ten minutes then it’d be over.

I think battlegrounds have fallen far from their former glory. I mean, I don’t even really see people DOING battlegrounds anymore. I mean, you can get better gear just from PvEing or arena’ing without any kind of skill at all. When BG queues are up to five to ten minutes per queue, you know there’s something wrong.

So my opinion, Blizzard. Take it back to the Vanilla WoW days of epic battles fought back and forth on the Fields of Strife. The wars were massive and you felt like you were actually doing something instead of just pressing one area and defending another. Tactics were used instead of this aimless meandering people are doing today.


Ganking and lowbies

January 18, 2010

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend while levelling my alt.  It seems there is a fascination with ganking when your a lowbie.  Every single horde I’ve come across while levelling my mage has tried to kill me.  Some have succeeded.  Some have failed (To which I dealt harsh punishment), but it’s still disturbing nonetheless.  I play on a PvP server, so I don’t know what goes on on the PvE servers, but don’t people have any shame?  I’m not putting the Horde down on this one, because the Alliance does it too.  If one of the opposite factions sees you doing something, 9/10 times, they’re going to attack you.

I take my first steps into Outlands on my mage.  I got the first quest that has you fly to Honor Hold.  As soon as I get there and pick up the next quest, there’s a Horde to gank me trying to do the same quest in the same area.  I /waved at him ahead of time to make sure he knew I was there and friendly, so I thought everything was settled.  I turn around to start frostbolting a boar when I suddenly see an arrow sticking out of my back.  I turn around and sure enough, there’s the hunter shooting me as if he hated me his whole life.  I eventually killed him after a long battle, but the thought still lingers, “I know we’re opposite factions, but aren’t we both still people?” 

When America was at war with Japan in WWII, did we kill every single civilian we saw, even if they waved friendly flags at us?  (Not counting the atomic bombs on this one.)  No.  We didn’t.  We gave them the chance to show their colors or not.  Why is it not the same in WoW?  We may not be able to communicate well, but when I /wave and /tickle at the Horde, I generally expect them to realize that I’m not there to kill them.

Are things the same for you guys on your servers, or is it just me?