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Gear Gaps and How they affect you

March 6, 2010

Thanks a lot to Wildpaw and Siegheal (Aka Pandabearguy) for posing for my screenshots.

Today, I’m going to talk about the gear gap new 80s are having compared to ICC raiders.  Before I post about it, I’m going to post a disclaimer.  This is not everybody.  This is just the average new 80.  No, this is not for alts of people in raiding guilds who get carried through content.  I’m talking about those people who just hit 80 and are seeing it for the first time.  There is a rather large gap between those players and the rest of us who do ICC 10 and 25 weekly.

What I’ve noticed is that these people are lowered to an almost non-human level.  To relate it to the real world, they are the proverbial “untouchables” (in India) of the WoW community.  The average player, when they first hit 80, is sitting around 2-3k Gearscore.  That is half of what players at the higher levels of raiding have.  In past expansions, it was difficult to get gear, which is easier this expansion, but the gap is still very large.  In comparison, you had to run raids to get gear at 70, while all you have to do at 80 is random heroics constantly until the gear falls into your lap.

Because of all this, I propose a combination of both ideas.  To put it simply, combine the aspect of actually having to do raids to get competitive gear (and yes, T9 is competitive gear.  You can easily pull 5-6k DPS or get to about 40k health unbuffed as a tank in T9 gear), while still being able to do heroics to get gear for entry level raids.  To relate it to the current way things work, a character would hit 80.  He would then proceed to do normals and heroics for a while until he had a decent gear set established.  He would then have to go into Naxx and OS for gear.  He would proceed upwards through the their chain, going through Naxx to Ulduar to ToC to ICC.  This way, we know the players are competent by the time they are able to do ICC, as well as having the gear for it, rather than getting carried or relying on RNG.

So guys, this is my rant.  Gimme your opinions.  Is it a stupid idea?  A pretty good idea?  Gimme your thoughts!