I’m not dead yet!

March 5, 2010

For those of you who got the title, kudos.  😛 Yes!  I’m back.  I apologize to everybody who was actually paying attention to my little corner to the blogosphere for leaving you for so long.  I’ve been really busy with RL issues as well as in-game ones.  I have transferred myself back to Alliance in the form of Lindariel, the Night Elf druid and am currently a happy resident of the guild Shattered Legacy.  /wave!

But anyway, I’m back full time now, so expect new posts every day or two, with an added guarantee.  Once again, my gratitude and apologies go out to all of you who faithfully were with me through my first posts.



  1. Hey, welcome back. Coinky-dink, I’m Alliance now as well (although this is a first for me). Krovian the Kingslayer~

    • Welcome back Krowe! Are you on Kil’Jaeden still? Because I just tried adding you as a friend and it says “player not found” 😦

      • Nope, I ended up transferring to the server Icecrown. Sorry for not mentioning that ><

      • Aww…. That’s no fun! We miss you here on KJ!

  2. Do you feel happy? 😛

    • I am happy! I get my blog back! It feels good to do it again. Expect more posts soon everybody! =]

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