January 21, 2010

I decided to take the time today to talk about BG’s and how they’ve progressed in WoW.

In Vanilla WoW, BG’s were THE big form of PvP in the world, as Alterac Valley battles could take days to complete. They got toned down a bit in Burning Crusade to cater more to the people who want their marks and then get out. But in Wrath of the Lich King, battlegrounds were shortened to such an extent that you would literally go in, pitter around for about ten minutes then it’d be over.

I think battlegrounds have fallen far from their former glory. I mean, I don’t even really see people DOING battlegrounds anymore. I mean, you can get better gear just from PvEing or arena’ing without any kind of skill at all. When BG queues are up to five to ten minutes per queue, you know there’s something wrong.

So my opinion, Blizzard. Take it back to the Vanilla WoW days of epic battles fought back and forth on the Fields of Strife. The wars were massive and you felt like you were actually doing something instead of just pressing one area and defending another. Tactics were used instead of this aimless meandering people are doing today.



  1. I totally agree 100%…when I started playing and got my hunter to 70, he was purely pvp and the battles were great…..Now its over in 10 mins.

    The systems for queuing in place currently are just not good enough heck you can wait in excess of 30 mins sometimes and give up the will to live.

    IMO blizzard are trying to move away from the pvp side of the game and want to concentrate on the pve side, such a shame as pvp is where one on one it comes down to knowing your class, having the skill and nowhow on beating a fellow player and not some npc!

  2. Dvotee: thanks for commenting! It’s always nice to get comments and yours are actually the first comments I get from people I don’t actually know! Haha.
    But I agree to a certain extent. Blizzard is still hot with pvp, but it comes now in the form of arena, which unfortunately isn’t always the most interesting way to bg’s, where you can have multiple goals at once

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