LFG to Carry Me?

January 17, 2010

Today I’m going to talk about the flaws with the new LFG system Blizzard implemented. Thanks to Moonmystic for the idea. I know we’ve all had great successes with the LFG system, particularily if your a tank or healer. But there are those times when things just don’t seem to work out with the system. Getting paired with people with 2k less gearscore, or everybody a DPS but people with terrible gear queing as tank just to get into an instance faster but not tanking.

We’ve all seen it. One way I thought of to make the system work, was have the system itself check your gear beforehand and scale the instance to your gear. I don’t mean make all heroics a cakewalk for people in bad gear, but scale them accordingly. If your group is all in ICC 10/25 gear, make it a bit harder! Scale it up so we don’t have to just sleep our way through it! And if your group is in the lower gear category, scale the health and hits of the boss down a little bit until they get better gear. In the end, both parties would be happy. Geared people would get a challenge, while undergeared people would still get their heroics. Just a thought though.

Tell me what you think of the idea.



  1. Idealogically: very nice. Realistically: absolutely no fucking chance. You know how hard this would be abused; people would que in terrible gear and switch to good gear, stuff like that. You’re right about what’s wrong with the system, but there really isn’t much way to “fix” it without screwing players over or having it get horribly abused.

    • Well, I’m envisioning more of an in-depth system than we have now. One that’s able to look into peoples bags and register what gear is for what spec, see what they’re queing as, then put them in that sort of group, to prevent them from abusing it like that.

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