Spec Change

January 15, 2010

Have any of you ever had that time when you’ve been a spec for so long, and you’ve gotten so good at it and geared for it that it just lost it luster?  For the second time since I started playing in Pre-BC, I’ve burned out on bear tanking.  Strange as it may sound, I get mentally tired every time I tank a serious raid (ToGC or ICC) and I just don’t want to do it anymore after that.

By no means am I quitting bear tanking.  That’s the original basis of this blog, but it’s just sitting on the backburner for now.  I now switched to Resto mainspec and balance offspec.  Surprisingly, balance is in a good place right now.  With my 5000 gearscore (I know…Gearscore doesn’t really matter…) I was pulling 5-5.5k sustained DPS in a 10 VoA, across all three bosses!  And this is even without addons like Squawk and Awe.  So for everybody who might come here for bear tanking, just give it a few days.  I’ll be back from my hiatus from tanking.


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